County board updates vacancy rules for president

The newly sworn-in Cook County Board of Commissioners voted unanimously Tuesday to approve an update to rules governing a presidential vacancy.

The altered language clarifies how the board would fill a presidential vacancy in caseĀ  President Toni Preckwinkle becomes the next mayor and has to resign.

According to the updated ordinance, if the vacancy is due to death, resignation or removal from office, the board has 30 days to pick who will serve as president. The first person to get nine supporting votes will fill the vacancy.

The president pro tempore, Commissioner Deborah Sims, D-Chicago, would take over the duties of the president as the board picks their new leader.

If more than 28 months of the term remain, a special election will be held at the next general election to serve out the remainder of the term, according to the updated ordinance. That person will serve until the election results are certified.

If less than 28 months remain, the appointed president serves out the remainder of the term. They can also run in the election, said Larry Suffredin, D-Evanston, who, along with John Daley, D-Chicago, helped usher in the changes to the ordinance.

In both scenarios, the appointed official may act as both a commissioner and board leader until the next general election.

The board on Tuesday also voted unanimously to appoint former Commissioner Ed Moody to the role of Recorder of Deeds, a vacancy created when Karen Yarbrough resigned the post to become the Cook County Clerk.

Suffredin said Moody “has shown the ability to understand complex issues and to go forward and work with a number of people to resolve issues.”

In his new role, Moody said, “I can promise you there will be a transparency in that office and me or my staff will reach out to you on a quarterly basis and keep you apprised of” what’s going on in the office.

Source: Chicago sun